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  • Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 18:10:01 -0700

Hi Rosemary, I'm not sure if you read the discussion a couple of weeks ago 
about paring receivers.  My experience is that even though it says it is paired 
and active, it may not be.  I have found that the safest thing to do when I'm 
not sure if my receiver is paired and active is to remove paring and pair it 
again.  So, it might not be your battery.  Actually I've had very good luck 
with the battery and have never had to use the second one that Sendero provides.


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  Hi, Yesterday I charged my Blue Logger battery and connected to my PK and 
acquired satelites.  However, I really didn't use the receiver since the PK's 
battery was low.  I disconnected and I heard "bluetooth reciever not detected" 
before I disconnected.  I charged the PK's battery last night, and since I 
hadn't used the Blue Logger battery, I didn't charge it again.  This morning I 
went to connect and I couldn't get a connection.  I know the receiver was 
paired and active.  I just couldn't get anything besides "bluetooth receiver 
not detected".  I used a light probe from Independent Living Aids to chec the 
status of the receiver, and it didn't change tones as it had yesterday.  Should 
I just charge the battery every night, or is the battery faulty?  I don't think 
the battery should be faulty because I haven't used it that much and I got it 
in around February or March of this year.  Do batteries discharge overnight?  
How inconvenient!  The battery's charging as I write.  Perhaps I'll try 
acquiring satelites before I turn in for the night.
  Thanks for everyone's advice.  

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