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Hay Richard,
there is some company that is working with Sendero or some company on doing some kind of GPS system with WIFI for Malls and large galleriea type buildings
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Hello, Sarai,
As much as those action adventure tales would have us to believe, the facts are that satellites cannot look inside buildings. Unless you are in the Pentagon, buildings are relatively small enclosed spaces wherein you can find your way fairly easily, provided you can walk in a relatively straight line. In the Pentagon, you would be told to halt in a very serious voice by some armed guard with a heavy machine gun. Then, walking in a straight line is not the problem. You must convince that armed guard that you are a mountain climber who has lost his mountain and that cane is actually your climbing stick.

Good luck

Dick Myers


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I was thinking, how about making the GPS to where it could be used
inside buildings. I mean come on, we have satellites that can spy in
buildings, why not tie in to those? I think I read where some company
was attempting to do that. I'm all for it.

Sarai D. Bucciarelli

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