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  • Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 10:45:00 -0700

Hello Steve,
I am sorry you feel this way.

I can assure you we spent a great deal of development working with roundabouts and UK specific issues with 4.0. Yes there is room for improvement and we are always looking for ways to do this, as you said it would be nice to have "take the 3rd exit" when dealing with roundabouts, this has been noted in our feature requests.

Yes there are incorrect POI data from TeleAtlas, all we can do is report the issue and its up to TeleAtlas to fix it, and when we get the next set of POIs from TeleAtlas hopefully they are fixed. Incidentally I am currently trying to get updated POIs for the UK but TeleAtlas has changed the internal format of these POIs so now I have to not only just convert the POIs to our format but now have to develop a new intermediate conversion utility that changes their new format into the old format my software is expecting. So I totally agree with you that TeleAtlas's practices are someone in question here and am also disappointed in their data quality. Sendero may have to look into other options, which will present itself with a whole new set of obstacles and may trade on set of problems for another.

Also keep in mind Steve, that prior to 4.0 the UK only had a very limited set of POI data, now you have over 15 times the data as before, and some of it may be bad, that is life, all we can do is report the issues and move on.

As far as your comments on pricing goes, feel free to buy those other systems and let us know how that works out for you.

Thank you
Charles LaPierre
CTO Sendero Group LLC.

At 10:15 AM 8/13/2007, you wrote:
With increasing experience it is becoming obvious that there are many severe problems with the UK maps. Many POIs are out of position by very large amounts. Some roads appear to be fragmented and the information given for 'complex' junctions like roundabouts and motorway entrances and exits is often so wrong as to be misleding and certainly could not be relied upon to give a driver instructions.

I am surprised that some of the POI data has not been corrected. Commercial concerns cannot be happy if their positions are shown as being more than a few yards out of place. I have examples of errors where the POI is round about a mile from its actual position!

I am not sure if the presentation of 'complex' junction information is totally the fault of TeleAtlas or whether Sendero has a hand in the problem. For example on leaving the M4 at Junction 12 (Reading Central) the instructions given are to turn left on to the slip road and then left on to the roundabout at the bottom of the slip road. There needs to be a further instruction telling you which exit to leave the roundabout by. You could want to go left (south) toards basingstoke (first exit) or North towards Reading (third exit). The second exit takes you back on to the M4 heading west for Bristol!

So although V4 has seen a great improvement it has introduced a number of new problems - some of which should be fixed by a free update of maps.

I wqill need a lot of assurances before spending £120 on another upgrade if the maps are not improved. Incidentally this is approximately 15 times the cost of a new road atlas and 6 times the cost of buying a new updated CD of maps for other GPS systems.

How is anyone finding life with Wayfinder which also uses TeleAtlas maps!


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Sendero Group, LLC

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