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If you are using the scripts for JAWS, press ALT+H and you will obtain an entire list of the TC4 conference commands as well as the JAWS specific commands which, by the way, are numerous.

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When you are in the chat room here is the command.
Jaws user you can tab around and come back where you started, this is on way to understand.
Here is the short cut key command.
a. hold down the Alt key and tap the U key for the attendee list.
b. alt-T is to text type to every one in the room.
c. While you are in the text editing you can hold down the Shift key and tap the tab key to get into a combo list and down arrow to another person who is in the room and tab one time back into the edit field and write a message and enter to send the test.
d. Alt-Y key will take you into the welcome list there you down arrow to see who is in the room or read the text that is being sent out.
e. Alt-J key is where you turn up or down the microphone.
I hope this help. Jerry from San Antonio
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the thing i noticed about the chat software using window-eyes.
the person who is speaking moves to the top of the list.

Chris G <chrisg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 10:56:56 -0500
"Sarai" <bucc7465@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

S> The scripts just let you know who's in the chat room and who's talking.
S> I didn't have problems till yesterday. I kept getting kicked out and
S> being put back on the main home page of Sendero.
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S> Claud,
S> I'll have a look at the brief explanation on our Chat page. There are
S> some instructions there before you log in.
S> I have never had any scripts and all the basic functions work fine
S> without them. You can control your volume from your Windows Volume
S> control like you would for any Windows application. The only thing
S> you really need is to push the Control key to talk and let it up to
S> listen. I suppose the color button has to do with low vision
S> features. I have never tried it.
S> The trickiest part for most people is getting their microphone to
S> work. Typically the problem is that the mic is muted under the
S> Windows recording control. One can also go to the sound and audio
S> devices under the Control panel and make sure you have playback and
S> recording devices selected their. That is something specific to your
S> computer.
S> I'll try to leave my chat room up and running today in case anyone
S> wants to pop in to test.
S> The room will be formally open at 6 PM Pacific time this evening for an
S> hour.
S> Mike
S> >Hi,
S> >Maybe there needs to be more information about how to use the
S> >software there. It's assumed that everyone is familiar with the
S> >process and knows the finite steps that are to be used in a chat
S> >room, in other words the instructions need to be more
S> >explanatory. Example which is the direction to turn the microphone
S> >volume up 1 to 10 or 10 to 1? What is the color button?
S> > Claude
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S> >
S> >
S> >>Hi Sarai,
S> >>I went to the chat room and tried it after reading your email and
S> >>the chat room is working fine.
S> >>John
S> >>
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S> >>Subject: [gps-talkusers] The chat room
S> >>
S> >>
S> >>>Hi:
S> >>>Someone wanted to chat with me and the chat room keeps knocking me
S> >>>out! I can't hear anyone and they can't hear me. I just downloaded
S> >>>the Ivocalize chat scripts for Jaws and I don't know what's up.
S> >>>
S> >>>Sarai D. Bucciarelli
S> >>>
S> >>>
S> >>
S> >>
S> >>
S> >>
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