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With the CDs mentioned below, just as WordPerfect 5.1 was very easy to install 
from one 3.5-inch disk to the next, does the upgrade have an auto-installation? 
 Sure, I loved WP5.1!  It was a very good program!!!  Grin.

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>I'll be anxious to see if the CD's in this new version are divided up by
>region, or if, like the other CD's in the earlier version, they're in
>alphabetical order, so you have to do a lot of back and forth maneuvering
>to get the right states in the right folders.  <smile

>I must be really excited about this new upgrade, 'cause I even dreamed
>about it last night!  <lol>  I was loading the new software and maps and
>poi's, which was like putting together a puzzle of the U.S.  on a board like
>a Braille scrabble board, and all the maps for each region were little
>pieces in separate little bags, and there were about a zillion pieces to
>try to figure out.  I'm anxious to get the real upgrade so I can prove to
>my subconscious that it'll really be a lot easier to upgrade than in my
>dream.  <grin


>At 12:42 PM 7/11/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>>No we wouldn't get rid of the CD's just add the option to get the maps on
>>DVD's if one prefers them instead.  This is all hypothetical at this
>>time.  Mike and I need to discuss this and see if we can offer both a CD
>>option as well as a DVD option.


>>At 09:16 AM 7/11/2004, you wrote:

>>>The majority of us do not have DVD players unless we got a new drive or
>>>system recently.  For my sake at least, I hope the CD is not going the way
>>>of the 8 track player.  Most of us that will be using the Sendero GPS system
>>>are blind or visually impaired and do not need the video capability of a
>>>DVD.  Besides, since all the maps will not fit on the Braille Note at one
>>>time anyway and we put them on the hard drive to download to the Braille
>>>Note when we need them, the CD's get taken out only if we need to restore to
>>>the hard drive.

>>>Rich Irwin
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>>>Hello Todd,

>>>I agree with you we should probably offer the CD bundle as a DVD option for
>>>those users who have a DVD drive.  Mike experimented with creating some
>>>DVD's for the Beta users and it didn't do so well, I think Mike recorded
>>>them in a format which would only work on his DVD.  In any case we will
>>>look into this as an option.  Unfortunately the 8 CD's wouldn't quite fit
>>>onto a single DVD which made it less attractive, but 2 DVD's are better
>>>environmentally than 8 CD's.  I will discuss this with Mike.


>>>At 01:57 AM 7/11/2004, you wrote:
>>>>Hello, Mike M.!

>>>>Thank you for being very well-detailed on what you have said shown
>>>>below.  That helps us better understand what it is all about.

>>>>I should like to suggest something.  What is it, eh?  What about replacing
>>>>the CDs with DVDs?  That would mean less bulk.  How?  We have eight CDs
>>>>now, but if we replaced them with DVDs, we would have say two or three,
>>>>depending upon how much space the maps take.  I think it is something that
>>>>will do better for Sendero.  What do y'all think?


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>>>>>Let me address several questions posed in recent emails.

>>>>>The first batch of Version 3s are shipping today.  Hey, they even have
>>>>>Braille labels on them this time.  You get a folder with 8 map CDs and a
>>>>>paper envelope with a CD containing the POIs, document files and the
>>>>>full Version.  Within 2 weeks, you will get your serialized version by
>>>>>email.  We will get it to you before leaving for Hawaii Mary Ellen.  If
>>>>>anyone has trouble copying maps to a Compact Flash card, you can always
>>>>>send me the card and we will do it.  You really want to do this from

>>a PC
>>>>>laptop and not from one card to another on the BN.

>>>>>Make sure and Read the ReadMe file and the manual too if you want the
>>>>>entire scoop.


>>>>>At 07:55 AM 7/9/2004, you wrote:
>>>>>>Hi, guys.  I have a couple of questions about GPS 3, since I know it's
>>>>>>starting to ship.  Are we getting the version on the CD's themselves,
>>>>>>with the maps and POI, or will the CD's just have the maps and POI and
>>>>>>version 3 will be emailed to us?  Will we be getting the serialized
>>>>>>version, or is it just the 30-day trial version at this point?  Not

>>>>>>those who said they got an email saying theirs had been shipped have
>>>>>>received them, or if just Mike can answer this, but thought I'd toss it
>>>>>>out, since this list is entirely too quiet.  <grin


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