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Got it, okay what if I'm just walking and don't have a root open or

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Chord G sets your Virtual position as your GPS position. After 
exploring, switch back to GPS mode and press Chord N to ensure your 
GPS position is nearest your route position assuming you had a route 
open. This will probably happen automatically.

At 07:54 AM 9/27/2005, you wrote:
>Now that would be cool. I know that v toggles you between gps and 
>virtual, but is there a way to put your virtual position where your GPS

>position is and then look around on the map and then can you get back 
>to where your at in GPS mode with out loosing your root? I looked in 
>the manual and what I thought was the correct command was not correct.
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>Situation 12, pinpointing the destination's side of the street
>I have chosen a commercial point of interest, set it as my destination 
>and pressed R then P to create a pedestrian route. Pinpointing the 
>destination can be tricky because of inaccuracies due to GPS and/or 
>address geocoding. If you are going to either feel for an opening like 
>a doorway or ask someone where it is, it would be helpful to first be 
>on the correct side of the street.
>Question: Once I near my route destination, how do I know what side of 
>the street it is on?
>Answer: When you are viewing the point of interest, press Chord P to 
>hear the details including the street address. Make note whether it is 
>an odd or even numbered address. When you are on the final street 
>nearing the destination, press Chord C to find out which is the odd or 
>even side of the street. Chord C announces the address range for the 
>block you are in. If you have forgotten the house number of the POI you

>selected, search for it again and press Chord P. Match that number with

>the Chord C information.
>If you really wanted to be smart, you could set your virtual position 
>to this final block or two and find out ahead of time the odd/even 
>information. Knowing which side of the street the point of interest is 
>on can also help you decide at the last turn whether you should cross 
>straight and then turn or to turn without crossing. If you are familiar

>with a city, you may already know the odd/even pattern.
>Sendero is thinking about ways to have the BrailleNote automatically 
>direct you to the correct side of the street in a future release.

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