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Now that would be cool. I know that v toggles you between gps and
virtual, but is there a way to put your virtual position where your GPS
position is and then look around on the map and then can you get back to
where your at in GPS mode with out loosing your root? I looked in the
manual and what I thought was the correct command was not correct.

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Situation 12, pinpointing the destination's side of the street

I have chosen a commercial point of interest, set it as my 
destination and pressed R then P to create a pedestrian route. 
Pinpointing the destination can be tricky because of inaccuracies due 
to GPS and/or address geocoding. If you are going to either feel for 
an opening like a doorway or ask someone where it is, it would be 
helpful to first be on the correct side of the street.

Question: Once I near my route destination, how do I know what side 
of the street it is on?

Answer: When you are viewing the point of interest, press Chord P to 
hear the details including the street address. Make note whether it 
is an odd or even numbered address. When you are on the final street 
nearing the destination, press Chord C to find out which is the odd 
or even side of the street. Chord C announces the address range for 
the block you are in. If you have forgotten the house number of the 
POI you selected, search for it again and press Chord P. Match that 
number with the Chord C information.

If you really wanted to be smart, you could set your virtual position 
to this final block or two and find out ahead of time the odd/even 
information. Knowing which side of the street the point of interest 
is on can also help you decide at the last turn whether you should 
cross straight and then turn or to turn without crossing. If you are 
familiar with a city, you may already know the odd/even pattern.

Sendero is thinking about ways to have the BrailleNote automatically 
direct you to the correct side of the street in a future release.

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