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Ok I asked this last December when it was thought I would be driving from Ohio to Arizona (but didn't) but what do you do when you are making a cross country trip say from Arizona to Ohio? At one time, I had all 50 states loaded on an 8 gb flash card and neither my mpower(s) nor the pk ever saw the maps folder and I could never open the files so I took the folder off so I could use that card for my books. But I am curious do you put all the maps in one folder for such a drive or how is this done?

Mary Ellen Earls
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The entire United States would fit on an 8-gig card. This is actually one of the option when purchasing the Sendero GPS package. The setup from Sendero will contain all documentation, home state, the United States broken into three folders. To see the map configuration used by Sendero, see the multiple region folder in the 40docs.zip. It can be found either on you CompactFlash provided by Sendero or at MySendero.com It is recommended to not have the United States broken into no more than two oo three folder and to load only those maps you use most often as access time you be affected.

It isn't required that you rename the folder when going to another state. You can just change the spot where the system looks for these map files. For example, my California maps are on the maps folder on the CompactFlash card, but I am planning on traveling to the east coast. I would do the foklowing:
O for GPS options
M for map and POI folder
choose CompactFlash as the drive
choose maps2eastas the folder
press enter to accept the directory
I will then receive a message stating the amount of maps that were loaded, POIs that were loaded, and user POIs that were loaded.


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You know, as long as we're talking about maps and stuff, I just
got an 8-gig
cf card, on which I was thinking of putting the whole U.S.  maps.
(Will they
all fit?)  If they'll all fit, would it work to have the whole
country on my
8-gig card, and if I'm in a different part of the country than
I'd just rename my maps folder to California or something, and
then rename
the folder for whatever state I'd be in to maps, and then rename
when I went back to California.  Would that work?  Or would a big
8-gig cf
card slow things down?

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Hi Craig,

You can copy your maps folder to the SD card then go to GPS
m for maps and set the drive as SD card and the folder to maps
that's the name of your map folder.

Hope that helps,


At 11:40 PM 7/20/2007, you wrote:

A couple of days ago I loaded the Western US on a 2 gig SD chip
for my
wife's mPower.  The CF card, my wife received the other day with
on it, had the State of Washington already loaded I then loaded
Oregon on
that chip as well, works wonderful.  The question is, how do you
tell the
program to get its map information from the SD chip, not the CF
chip or
you?  We both read through the manual and can't seam to find what
looking for.  I'm sure we have read over it, but could someone
Maybe it's the impossible dream....   The reason she wants to use
the SD
chip is that she has books loaded on another CF card and would
eventually to put that into the PCI slot.  I'm assuming here you
to have the CF card that came with the program, in that slot
whenever you
using the GPS.

I also want to commend Sendero on a fantastic job they have done
instruction for loading the program and getting it up and
running.  It
2 weeks to get the same spot with the Trekker vs 30 minuets time
with the
Sendero.  You have saved another marriage.   Well worth the wait
of 3.5
months to receive the system.   I'm as excited about her new GPS
as she
We love our toys!
Craig Phillips

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