[gps-talkusers] Re: Return_ to a virtual position quickly?

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Hi Kevin

Thanks for that, but I was really referring to a virtual position other than the previous one. The reason I ask is that sometimes when setting a virtual position you're asked to give it a name so it must be stored somewhere. The only way I can find a virtual position from the past seems to be to open a route and go to its destination which I can then set as a virtual position. Just wondered if there's a quicker way?



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If you are refering to moving back to your last Virtual Explore
yes, this is possible. For example, you had your Virtual
Position set to
your house then set it to your friend's house and wanted to go
back to your
house; this is possible provided that you didn't move virtually
between the
two positions. The command on the BT is SPACE with dots 2356 and
on the QT
it is CTRL with Down Arrow. This command will move you back to
your last
Virtual Explore Position.


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Hi Listers!

Just wondering if I can save myself some time, or whether I've
just missed
something in the manual? (smile).

I'm using Sendero GPS ver 5,0. I can create a virtual position
from a poi
or destination, but is there a quick way of returning to that
position rather than having to load in a route containing the
position or look for the relevant poi?

Any help welcomed, and, as always, apologies if this is embedded
deep in the manual...

Dennis from the UK.

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