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Well Charles that sounds encouraging.
It was a very very frustrating thing because had I been on the proper side
of the street it would have taken me 5 minutes to get home.
It was a situation where the name of the street switched 3 different times.
The left side of the road curved around to the left into the road on which I
needed to be to get home.  The middle part of this asphalt was another
street altogether and the right side of the street curved to the right and
took you severalblocks in both directions. The gps did not say anything
except near Mariemont avenue and Cachapit way and what was left out of the
equasion was that on the other side of Cachapit way was Miami Road which was
the street on which I needed to be. So I stayed on Mariemont Avenue and
walked several blocks both ways several times to find Miami Road. I finally
put the repeat mode with destination as my home address and used the x. key
to get to Mariemont and Cachpit and crossed and found myself at this odd
juncture. Then my dog seemed to know where she was and her water bowl was
calling so she practically ran us home.
But I was not too happy when I got home and knew if I had written you folks
about this I would have pulled a whole friendship and customership apart so
I held off until I talked with Shiela about ordering the e-pak and told her
as an aside about the situation.
I had to take my trekker down there to see what exactly was going on more
out of curiosity but I am really glad we have 1, an improved routing system
and 2 virtual explore so I can have a look at situations like that.
I suppose I could have used the latitude/longitude but I honestly don't know
how that would have helped in that situation.
My village has some of the strangest configurations of streets because it
was patterned after an old time English Village where the lanes wind in and
out of oneanother. This is the reason for gps because it is fun to walk and
suddenly wind up on a different avenue when you think you have walked
straight when in fact you have actually nearly walked in a circle.
Ok I'll get off now but I am really looking forward to this upgrade.

Mary Ellen Earls
Remember! Today is the Tomorrow you thought about yesterday.
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> I spent a lot of time working with improving route calculations.
> In version 2 I would say that finding a route was failing about 30-40 % of
> the time but with version 3 I would say that's down to about 1% now.  The
> reason why the 1% is probably one of four reasons.  One, there is no way
> get to that street from where you currently are (i.e. on an island with no
> bridge to get you there.)  Two, the road is not navigable according to the
> map data.  Three, your origin or destination is on a highway and you are
> trying to create a pedestrian route, or the only way to get to your
> destination is via a highway and you are trying to create a pedestrian
> route.  Finally there is a bug in the software which I have yet to find.
> I also hope Mary that the improved route finding of version 3.0 will fix
> your problems.
> Charles.
> At 10:32 AM 7/11/2004, you wrote:
> >Well Ann, I'd simply erase the route which can be done through the file
> >manager just like a word document.
> >Have you ever considered using the repeat intersections setting? That is
> >what I use and ithas put this gps on a different plane since I discovered
> >this method in January.
> >The Automatic pedestrian route has been next to useless in my case. I
> >never been able to make a route with it. But what you could do and this
> >be a bit of work is take a tape recorder and record the route and then re
> >enter it when you are outside.
> >This takes some doing but if you have memorized most of it then it
> >be hard.
> >I do hope they have improved the pedestrian routing function in the next
> >version because I got into a pickle about a month ago and never could
make a
> >route to my house.
> >To make an extremely boring story short the way I got home finally after
> >hours was to set my home as a destination and use that in the repeat mode
> >the getting warmer method.
> >I will tell the story some other time because the intersection which
> >me up is an interesting configuration.
> >
> >Mary Ellen Earls
> >Remember! Today is the Tomorrow you thought about yesterday.
> Charles M. La Pierre CTO
> Sendero Group, LLC
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