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  • From: Richard Bartholo/ew <richard_bartholomew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: 22 Jul 2004 09:24:19 +0100

> Hi, Judy

Whilst the UK points of interest (POI) database is significantly larger with 
version 3 as compared to version 2, sadly, it is no more accurate and still 
very patchy - at least in the areas I've tried.  In my home town of Edinburgh, 
for example, to date I've found no restaurants and there are a large number of 
establishments which either ceased to exist or re-located four to five years 
ago - places such as hospitals, so it's not your usual come and go businesses!

Therefore, until a more up-to-date UK POI database can be provided, I suspect 
the best bet for your trip is to hope that users create a plethora of their own 
points and submit these to Sendero.


Richard Bartholomew
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>From: "Judy W" <judyw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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>Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 21:17:09 -0500
>Subject: [gps-talkusers] Introduction

>Hi Guys,

>I am about to purchase a demo model from pulsedata and I am interested in
>getting gps.  When I saw a demo in Austin, I was supprised that the state
>capitol building wasn't in the points of interest.  Is this true for all
>states?  I am just curious about other states.

>Also, if anyone from Britain is on the list, how is the database in your
>country?  I will be traveling there next year.

>Thanks in advance,


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