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Yeah, the M-1000 is quite something, especially at looking at how fast it is 
able to acquire a fix and maintain a good one.

I never used the Serial EarthMate, but did use the Bluetooth EarthMate and 
from time to time I will just do a side-by-side comparison  and am still 
astonished at the results. The Earthmate will take quite longer to pull in 
satellites and if it does it will only pull in 3 at the most while the 
M-1000 pulls in 10 easily within a matter of 30 or so seconds.

It turns out that there is a one-handed keystroke for the backsspace with r 
command and that is backspace with b. I find that I use this command quite 
frequentley because the bluetooth connection may drop for an unknown reason. 
It is really nice to be able to hit this command while you are walking out 
the door and you are golden afterwards.

I think other than knowing that single command there isn't much that you 
shouldn't figure out just from using it.


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> Well, I still haven't left the house, but I just paired the receiver, and 
> set my GPS program to use the Bluetooth receiver.  I'm sitting here inside 
> my house, and as soon as I entered the program, I got an instant fix, with 
> where I am, and a good fix!  It was amazing!  I looked in the 
> documentation and committed backspace with r to memory, in case I lose a 
> connection.  Is there anything else I should commit to memory, so I don't 
> go into panic mode if I'm out and about and lose a connection?  I'm 
> sitting here in amazement!
> Peggy
> http://kernsac.livejournal.com/

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