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Hi Mike,

Thanks.  That's reassuring.  With all of the announcements, it's easy to
lose sight of the fact that these products are not out yet!  I figured
that GPS 3 would be supported in KeySoft 6.1.  My concern is that it's
supported when 6.1 is released, and we don't have to wait several months
in between the release of 6.1 and GPS support.  I must say that the
message Charles posted here was troubling to many of us.  Historically,
I've been concerned about the communication between PDI and Sendero.
This was evidenced by PDI offering old Magellan receivers and not
offering the newer receivers, while Sendero of course did.  That never
made sense.  I'm glad that's been rectified.  Charles's message only
confirmed the concern I had over lack of communication and joint
development and testing going on between the two companies.  I suppose
we should all take a deep breath before jumping to conclusions.  I'll
say this; I've never seen so many major product announcements as has
been the case this year.  It's really incredible when you think about

Best Regards,


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We are pretty confident about getting the GPS working on the BrailleNote
and on the regular BrailleNote with Keysoft 6.1. The latter is an easier

task than the PK.

As I said in my last post, these products have been announced but they 
won't be available for a while, plenty of time for us to get GPS working

with them. PDI is completely supportive of having GPS on these products
we definitely want to see all our neat features and more on any new 
"BrailleNote versions.

For Wendy's edification, the BrailleNote PK is the talk of the summer 
shows. It is a state of the art, small PDA, which is running Keysoft. It
an 18-cell unit with all the wireless bells and whistles. PDI says in
press release that it will be out in the 4th quarter.

Our BrailleNotes will not be left in the wake either as a major Keysoft
revision is slated to bring our current units into the wireless age too.

One benefit will be that your Earthmate receiver can plug straight into
USB port or USB adapter and there will be no need for the battery/serial


We'll keep bringing you more and more benefits to location information.


At 05:37 PM 7/1/2004, you wrote:
>I tried to send this earlier this afternoon, but haven't seen it, so am

>trying again.
>I know there are still questions and issues about gps with the 
>BrailleNote PK, but I'm wondering if Sendero has been involved in any 
>testing of GPS on the regular BrailleNote with the upgraded Windows CE 
>and the version 6 of Keysoft.  I've already ordered GPS 3, and want to 
>upgrade my BN when the time comes, but I don't want to upgrade only to 
>find out that GPS won't work.  Of course since the BN upgrade isn't out

>yet, it might be too soon to worry about that, but I just hope Sendero 
>gets to try GPS with the upgraded bn before it's released, so we can 
>have a definite yes or no answer before deciding whether or not to 
>order.  Again, I'm talking about the regular bn with the upgrade, not 
>the pk.
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