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  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 20:15:08 -0700

Charles, maybe the sound should be changed. Since you're the GPS voice, maybe we should have you saying, "GPS receiver not detected". <grin>

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You know you guys are probably right, I don't think we play that sound effect when you turn off your receiver. Shame shame on me, but actually I can divert the shame to my beta testers (uh hum Robert) since they should have told me this sooner hahah.

Oh well next version (*Smile*)


At 06:41 PM 4/27/2006, you wrote:
Now that you mention it, it's the same with me and the Earthmate. When I lose a fix, I get the "gliddle-dee-doop" noise, but when I turn the receiver off, I don't get a sound and must look at the display to see what's up.

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Subject: [gps-talkusers] GPS Receiver not detected sound

Hi All,

I have noticed that since I have been using my new Holux receiver, when I turn the receiver off with the gps software running, I get the receiver not detected message but the sound that normally plays indicating that the receiver is not being detected does not play. I checked the sound in the options menu and it is still on my pk and still working. This is not a big deal but I am curious about it. Has anybody else noticed this?

Robert Carter

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