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I hate to burst your bubble Richard! but I understand perfectly what the Email said and it is a business and it have a gift shop that sell item about there company, plus they invited the general public to come in to there place of business, so that make them a open establishment that allowed dogs guide here in our GREAT AMERICA! to come to there house of worships so that make them to obey our America Disability Act regarding services for that I love the U.S.A. Jerry
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Hello, David,
Well, I hate to break your bubble, but someone might argue that that brewery is not a public place. If I allow you to come into my factory and look around, does that mean my factory is a public place?

Also, it ain't just Maine law.  Think federal.

Dick Myers


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I don't know Maine law, but there is probably something on the books
requiring dog guides and their users be admitted to all public places.
This would include the brewery.  Those who were denied access should
file the complaint, not Seeing eye, or Sendero Group.  Neither Seeing
Eye, nor Sendero were discriminated against, so probably do not have
standing to file on your behalf.  Talk with the attorney general there,
a f file either individually or as a group.

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