[gps-talkusers] Re: Can't find address in address lookup

  • From: "Flor Lynch" <florlync@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 02:28:12 +0100

Perhaps, if you just type in "elk" at the street name?  You would get a 
number of streets, perhaps, and you could then find the correct Elk Grove? 
Just a suggestion from afar - one of the things the Internet is for!  .

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Subject: [gps-talkusers] Can't find address in address lookup

Hi all,
After calling directory assistance, I got a address for a club that I am to
play music at this evening. The club is in Elk Grove California. The address
is 9661 Elk grove/Florin road. When I type this address in to the GPS, I get
there are no streets. I type in Elk grove, and it takes me over a mile past
where I'm suppose to be on Elk grove/florin.
Directory assistance says there is a hyphen in-between the 2 words Elk Grove
and florin.
Is there a better way of keying in the right info for the GPS to get me
where I'm going?
I did use a dash between the 2 words as well.

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