[gpodder-devel] problem w 3gp

  • From: atte.jensen at gmail.com (Atte André Jensen)
  • Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 11:32:26 +0100

Thomas Perl wrote:

> That's because we didn't have "3gp" in the list of video extensions,
> therefore gPodder would not sync the file to a portable player (because
> if, for example, a podcast contains a PDF, and you sync it, the PDF
> shouldn't be copied to the player).

Ok, I see...

> I have just added "3gp" to the list of video extensions, so the new
> upstream version of gPodder (due out at the end of this week) will
> include this fix. If you want, you can try running the SVN (development)
> version, this already has the fix included now, for more information see

Should I ever have forgotten, you have just reminded me why I love 
linux. This is simply fantastic, thanks a lot for adding this. It works 
just great now!

peace, love & harmony

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