[gpodder-devel] gPodder 2.12 "The Odyssey of Flight 33" released

  • From: thp at gpodder.org (Thomas Perl)
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 13:35:55 +0100

Hi there!

A new release of gPodder is out. I'm in a hurry, so this will be a
copy'n'paste job from the website (see below) ;) I hope to be able to
post a more detailed post about the future plans for gPodder in the near

Some of the work going into the "future gPodder" is visible in the
"tres" branch in the Git repository already. Please note that it's not
clear when and if the results of this branch will see the light of the
day (in the form of an official gPodder release). The 2.x branch of
gPodder will be updated for several more months at least - but new
features are not likely going to be implemented there, we focus on
fixing bugs and making it rock solid :)

The "fun" stuff is going to happen in the "tres" branch, but if my Uni
exam plan for January is any indication, not before February =)

As you can see from the Git log, new bugs are still fixed even after the
2.12 release, so report any bugs you find - just don't expect feature
requests to be implemented in that branch any more :p


2011-01-11: gPodder 2.12 "The Odyssey of Flight 33" released

This is a bugfix release on top of the 2.11 release from December. The
only code change in this release is a fixed database migration code that
avoids problems for users who skip some gPodder releases when upgrading
(e.g. gPodder 2.7 to 2.11) and for whom the podcast list appears empty
after upgrading.

This release addresses this issue in two ways:

  * Upgrades from gPodder 2.7 or earlier to 2.12 work without problems
  * Empty databases after a failed upgrade are fixed by gPodder 2.12

The "fix" for empty databases only works if the migration data
is still in the database file and if you have not added any new
podcasts since due to the way the detection code for a failed
upgrade works (it's not possible to distinguish a working DB
from a DB with failed migration if you have added podcasts later

This update is recommended for all users, and especially for
packages in distros. If you can't or do not want to upgrade, you
can also just merge the single bugfix patch from this commit:

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