[gpodder-devel] gPodder 0.11.1 "Attacked by Killer Tomatoes" released

  • From: thp at perli.net (Thomas Perl)
  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 14:24:59 +0100


A new gPodder release is out. Get it from gpodder.org or continue using
the SVN version :) As always, packages in distributions should be
available soon. Thanks to all who were involved in this release =)

Release notes from the gPodder website follow.



This month, we have seen our 600th commit in the SVN repository, which
means our version history is growing every month and we can consider
ourselves quite a mature project now. Of course, this doesn't mean that
development is slowing down. On the contrary: We're here to announce the
immediate availability of gPodder 0.11.1, the release that has been
attacked by Killer Tomatoes! We got rid of a huge number of bugs and
fulfilled nearly all of our release goals.

About the not-fulfilled release goals: We can't reproduce the "Moving
download directory doesn't work bug (#8), so if you experience this bug,
please leave a comment in our Bug tracker. Some other feature goals have
been moved out of the way, because after we conducted our "What's your
gPodder workflow?" survey, we found that gPodder's users would rather
have a rock-solid, stable gPodder than tons of features that are not
really needed. Of course, we will continue adding useful features and
extend existing ones, but we try to focus on stable releases.

That's it for this month - please download the new release or try the
SVN version of you feel brave. Packages in distributions will appear in
the upcoming days or weeks, as usual.

Release goals (see Roadmap)
      * Disable TrayIcon when gtk.StatusIcon is not available (#63)
      * Write M3U files after download (#25)
      * Support for gtkpod extended iTunesDB (#61)
      * Crash with KeyError in selection button clicked (LP: #192918)
      * Make channel URL editable (#42)
      * Get pubDate/length from HTTP HEAD request (#24)
      * Add website links to episode/channel (#43)
      * Replace shelve with dumbshelve (#47)
      * Move open_folder() to gpodder.util; use "gl" (#30)
      * "What is your gPodder workflow?" - Mailing list (sent, finished
        and results)
      * Not reproducible: Moving download directory doesn't work (#8)
Feature improvements
      * Tray icon improvements by J?r?me Chabod: Extimated time left,
        synchronization support, Cairo-based progress bar, Notify user
        about no new episodes when updating from tray icon (Patch from
        J?r?me Chabod, #3)
      * Add option to write gtkpod extended database on sync
      * Add "Go to website" buttons to episode and channel (bug #43)
      * Show more description text in episode list (suggested by J?r?me
      * Add support for video file types: flv, wmv and 3gp (thanks to
        Atte Andr? Jensen)
      * Add support for new "bluetooth-sendto" utility (patch by Leonid
      * Add support for changing the URL of a subscribed channel (bug
      * Add support for creating M3U playlist files in download folders
      * Performance improvements: HTML entity replacement (by Nick,
        nikosapi.org); conditional DumbShelve serialization
      * Updated translations: Swedish (Anders Kvist), Czech (Ondrej
        Vesely), Russian (Leonid Ponomarev), German
Bug fixes and code changes
      * Pickle-based storage method (dumbshelve); HTTP HEAD requests;
        buggy feed fixes
      * Fix AttributeError bug in updateTreeView (thanks to red26wings);
        LP: #183667
      * Fix KeyError bug in custom_selection_button_clicked (thanks to
        Pavel Ml?och); LP: #192918
      * Fix bug with unneeded download directory being created
      * Fix a bug when loading invalid image data (delete cover file
      * Filter "None" filenames from GtkFileChooser widgets (fixes a
        config annoyance)
      * Patch from Nikosapi to fix MP3 player sync progress (thanks
      * Be less verbose, consider episodes with length<=100 to have
        invalid length (thanks to Bernd Schlapsi)
      * Fix problem with old PyGTK versions when importing
        gpodder.trayicon (patch from Bill Barnard; based on a patch from
        J?r?me Chabod)
      * Fix "Podcasts not being marked as new when synced to iPod" (bug
      * Fix problem with pickle when there is a feed parsing exception
        (thanks to VladDrac in FreeNode's #python)
      * When sending via Bluetooth, always rename/copy the file (thanks
        to Chris, #49)
      * Use xdg-open for files that we don't know the file type of
      * Python-feedparser is a dependency, so mention it in the README
        (thanks Alain Tauch)
      * Various Bluetooth-related fixes (icon name, logging error,
        command line arguments)
      * Move gPodderLib().open_folder to util.gui_open
      * Make "gl" a global-accessible object in libgpodder
      * Move webbrowser code to util.open_website; fix URLs to
      * Various code changes an development improvements

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