[gpodder-devel] Using Audioscrobbler Log Files To Mark Shows As Played

  • From: me at nikosapi.org (nikosapi)
  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 20:54:01 -0500

Hello everyone!

A new gPodder release is out so it's time to start adding features ;)

If you have a player that is capable of running the Rockbox firmware[1] you 
can enable logging everything you play to an audioscrobbler portable player 
format logfile[2]. (Go to: Settings-->General Settings-->Playback-->Last.fm 
Log and set it to "Yes")

I wrote a patch that is able to use this logfile to mark episodes that you've 
listened to as played in gPodder while you're syncing. For this to work you 
must be using gPodder's tag update feature (set update_tags to True) because 
the audioscrobbler logfile only reports the metadata of the tracks you've 
listened to not an actual filename.

In Rockbox the audioscrobbler logfile is named .scrobbler.log and is stored in 
the root directory of the player. The code is able to find the root directory 
of the player (its mount point) and from there it searches for the logfile 
using os.walk(). If other players support this type of logging it would be as 
trivial as adding the filename they use to the list and everything 
should "just work"(tm).

To enable this feature apply the attached patch and set "use_scrobbler_log" to 
True in the gPodder config editor. It might not work for files you've 
downloaded before enabling the "update_tags" feature. (Maybe once you enable 
use_scrobbler_log gPodder should check to see if update_tags is enabled...)

Let me know what you think,


[1] http://www.rockbox.org
[2] http://www.audioscrobbler.net/wiki/Portable_Player_Logging
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