[gpodder-devel] Survey: What's your gPodder workflow?

  • From: chris at cnewham.com (Chris Newham)
  • Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 16:22:46 +0000

How often do you check for new episodes? Manual or automatically?

Automatically, I am set for 60min interval, I have gpodder running as a tray 
icon at all times.

To how many channels are you currently subscribed to?
21 8 are audio the rest are video

Do you leave your episodes in gPodder or export them using "save as"?
I leave them in gPodder, I rarely I want to keep a local copy

Do you use the iPod/MP3 player or Bluetooth sync feature? With what?
I use the bluetooth with my motorola A910.
I have a rio karma but not got it working on ubuntu yet so not sync'd to that 
yet its something I would like to do in the future.

Have you written custom scripts/utilities to fix gPodder annoyances?
No I am not a programmer just a power user

Have you had problems with some feeds? (missing pubdate, length,...)
Yes, on a couple of occasions gpodder reports not being able to download 
several of the feed files other applications find the feed files okay. Deleting 
the feedcache.db file seems to work as a work around to fix this.
I have also had two occasions were gpodder reported zero length on files in a 
feed. This was just before gpodder started reporting it couldn't find that feed 

Are you using other podcast-related services that could be integrated
into gPodder but currently aren't?
Only podcast alley for finding new podcasts to try. There are so many podcast 
directories I was surprised to see you talking about building a directory into 
gpodder. I would have thought it would be better to not reinvent the wheel and 
integrate an existing directory.

Have you been using gPodders ogg-to-mp3 conversion feature for iPods?

Are you running the SVN version of gPodder or which released version?
No I'm not sure how to do that I use the 64bit package off getdeb.

Overall I love gPodder it seems a have a few quirks which I am hoping will be 
fixed in forthcoming releases. Personally I would like to see it working solid 
with no issues rather than adding more functionality eg podcast directory. When 
I switched to Linux I missed the juice podcast receiver I used under Windows. 
For a while I used hpodder but gpodder is the closest replacement I have found. 
Keep up the good work guys.

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