[gpodder-devel] Survey: What's your gPodder workflow?

  • From: Florian_Richter at gmx.de (Florian Richter)
  • Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 09:25:17 +0100

>  * How often do you check for new episodes? Manual or automatically?
Every day after the login, I start gpodder and check manually.

>  * To how many channels are you currently subscribed to?

>  * Do you leave your episodes in gPodder or export them using "save
> as"?
Leave in gPodder

> * Do you use the iPod/MP3 player or Bluetooth sync feature? With 
> what?
filesystembased MP3-player

> * Have you written custom scripts/utilities to fix gPodder 
> annoyances?
Once I used mp3splt inside gpodder to split large files, but I managed 
to get around the problem on my MP3-player.

> * Have you had problems with some feeds? (missing 
> pubdate, length,...)

> * Are you using other podcast-related services 
> that could be integrated into gPodder but currently aren't?
Sometimes I look on the website of the podcast or the channel, because 
there are some intresting links related to the podcast or there is a 
blog with comments on the podcast. It would be useful to open the site 
from the contextmenu.

>  * Have you been using gPodders ogg-to-mp3 conversion feature for
> iPods?
No, don't need it.

> * Are you running the SVN version of gPodder or which released 
> version?

Generally, gPodder sometimes is a bit slow. More things like syncing 
with the mp3-player or updating the feeds should run in the background, 
so I can continue browsing through the feeds and marking podcasts for 
downloading and transfering to the mp3-player.

Florian Richter

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