[gpodder-devel] Survey: What's your gPodder workflow?

  • From: lists-gpodder at sherbang.com (Brian Johnson)
  • Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 13:06:49 -0500

Thomas Perl wrote:
> Hello!
> As promised some months ago, here's the survey about your use cases for
> gPodder. Please take the time to write a short description on how you
> use gPodder and with what devices you use it, especially:
>  * How often do you check for new episodes? Manual or automatically?
Automatically - set to 90 minutes, but I don't always keep it running.
>  * To how many channels are you currently subscribed to?
20 audio

>  * Do you leave your episodes in gPodder or export them using "save as"?

Export using mp3 sync with "delete after sync" - I always listen to them
only on my mp3 player.
>  * Do you use the iPod/MP3 player or Bluetooth sync feature? With what?
Yes, with my Nokia phone (OggPlay) - I remove the SD card and sync to that.

>  * Have you written custom scripts/utilities to fix gPodder annoyances?
I have a gpodder-add.sh script that I use to add feeds from firefox
(just runs 'gpodder -a "$@"')

I also have a script that I run to create m3u files that I run after I
sync to my mp3 player.

Lastly, because my mp3 player does strange things with mp3 files that
are too long, sometimes I have to use mp3splt on really long episodes.

>  * Have you had problems with some feeds? (missing pubdate, length,...)
No, or at least not recently.
>  * Are you using other podcast-related services that could be integrated
>    into gPodder but currently aren't?
>  * Have you been using gPodders ogg-to-mp3 conversion feature for iPods?
My player supports ogg.
>  * Are you running the SVN version of gPodder or which released version?
> Maybe this can bring in some fresh ideas or get some inspiration from
> other people's "gPodder workflows". Or maybe not. It depends on you ;)
-Sometimes I start a second instance when I forget that I have gPodder
minimized to the tray - it would be nice to either not allow this, or
pop-up the existing window.
-Some podcasts I listen to are online classes, for these it would be
nice if gPodder could download the oldest episodes first.
-I have had to delete feedcache.db a few times due to corruption.

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