[gpodder-devel] Survey Results

  • From: thp at perli.net (Thomas Perl)
  • Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 18:23:19 +0100


I've collected and formatted the results of the survey, and they are
online now: http://wiki.gpodder.org/survey-2008-03

I've filed a bunch of new bugs based on the comments, and linked some
existing bugs to the comments. I've also written some comments and infos
in italics font to some comments.

The feed http://linux-foundation.org/weblogs/openvoices/?feed=podcast
had invalid length info (length=1), this is fixed in SVN r605 thanks to
the survey and the provided feed URL. Thanks to Bernd for reporting.

?The results of the survey were quite interesting and highlighted some
of the weak points in gPodder (especially slowness and the *.db

I especially liked the comment from Chris Newham:

   Overall I love gPodder it seems a have a few quirks which I am
   hoping will be fixed in forthcoming releases. Personally I would
   like to see it working solid with no issues rather than adding
   more functionality eg podcast directory.

Maybe we should concentrate on fixing bugs and postpone big-scale
feature requests to a later date. Maybe we will update the roadmap
accordingly (I don't feel like adding the "Pause/Resume Downloads [#19]"
feature in the next weeks, because I had not made up my mind on how to
best do this without breaking downloads again).

Thanks for your feedback :) If anyone wants to step up and fix some
outstanding bugs, feel free to do so: http://bugs.gpodder.org/ 


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