[gpodder-devel] Roadmap for 0.11.2 updated; help needed

  • From: thp at perli.net (Thomas Perl)
  • Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 22:45:50 +0200


I've just updated the gPodder Roadmap, especially the goals for the
0.11.2 release. There are some bugs where I could need your help
(confirm bugs, reproduce bugs), because I can't reproduce all bugs on my
development machine here.

Someone on the bug tracker also suggested renaming the term "Channel" to
the more suitable "Podcast" to make it easier for newcomers to use and
understand gPodder. You can leave your comments on the bug tracker via
this URL: http://bugs.gpodder.org/show_bug.cgi?id=82

Jerome Chabod has made some progress with the MTP device synchronization
feature, although it still has some rough edges, and probably won't be
in any official gPodder release soon. We probably come up with a good
patch and detailed instructions on how to make gPodder work with MTP

If you are no programmer, but still want to contribute to gPodder's
constant development, please look at the roadmap page, have a look at
the bugs and see if you can reproduce them and/or post additional
information about the bugs reported :)

Roadmap URL: http://wiki.gpodder.org/roadmap


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