[gpodder-devel] Moving remaining gPodder-related parts from Berlios

  • From: thp at gpodder.org (Thomas Perl)
  • Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2011 15:44:12 +0200


I got a mail from Berlios (http://berlios.de/), our current project
hoster for the gPodder project that they will be closing down at the end
of this year (31.12.2011):


Most services like the VCS for our source code, the website, the bug
tracker and the wiki have been running on non-Berlios servers for some
time now (VCS is now hosted on Github, the website is currently hosted
by me, bug tracker and wiki are hosted by Paul Rudkin), which leaves
only two services that we still actively use from berlios.de:

 * Mailing list (the one that you are reading this mail on)
 * File releases (hosting source tarballs of the gPodder client)

There is also a gPodder project on Sourceforge that is currently used to
host the Windows releases of gPodder - we could move over the resources
to this project (I'm not sure if we can import the mailing list
archives, though) if we cannot come up with other things.

So, before taking steps to move things around, do we have suggestions
(and/or preferences) from the community on where to move the mailing
list and file releases? Some options (feel free to suggest more or +1):

 * Self-hosting (mailman setup + simple file releases)
   + Importing of old archives is possible
   + Full control over the server configuration
   - No mirrors for file downloads (but can we set up mirrors?)

 * Move to SF.net
   + Reliable file hosting, lots of mirrors
   + We already have a "gpodder" project there
   - Maybe not able to import the old list archives(?)
   - Mailing list archives are in a weird forum-style web UI

 * Suggest your other project hosting service / etc.. here

It would be great to decide on an alternative solution soon, so we can
include all the updated information (Mailing list address in README,
etc..) in the source release of gPodder 3 (out Really Soon Now(tm)).


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