[gpodder-devel] Left clic podcast selection

  • From: Valeryan_24 at laposte.net (Valeryan_24)
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 09:41:14 +0100

Hello and best wishes,

It is great to see Gpodder improving every month, bugs strongly 
corrected, new features added, congratulation to all the team and 

On the last versions of Gpodder, one of these features is the behavior 
when we select a podcast file : before, the context menu appeared with 
mouse right clic.

Now, it comes directly with mouse left clic. OK, why not, but it has a 
consequence on another classic left clic property : I'm unable anymore 
to select many files with right clic and Shift or Ctrl keystroke. A 
second left clic makes context menu disappear but nothing happens when I 
also clic on Shift or Ctrl.

Problem is : I often transfer a lot of files from different podcasts to 
my disk or MP3 player, and before I selected them with first left clic + 
Ctrl or Shift left clic, then right clic, context menu, "Send to"

Now impossible to select more than 1 file at once, which makes transfers 
very long and unpleasant if there are dozens of files to transfer. Did I 
miss something or is there a configuration file that I can modify to get 
the "normal" behavior back ?

I post here and not in bugzilla as it seems not to be a bug, but a new 

Thanks in advance. Best regards,


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