[gpodder] Re: Gpodder 3 does not recognize Sansa Clip Zip

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Did you try 'Sync to Device' from the 'Extras' menu? That will start the sync 
      From: Kinney Baughman <baughmankr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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 Sent: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 5:13 PM
 Subject: [gpodder] Re: Gpodder 3 does not recognize Sansa Clip Zip
On 02/03/2015 11:49 AM, Kinney Baughman wrote:
> On 02/03/2015 11:18 AM, Redacted sender jnwickremasinghe@xxxxxxxxx for 
> DMARC wrote:
>> Hi Kinney,
>> You'll need to mount the Clip Zip so that Arch can see it first. How 
>> do you connect the device to your computer?
> I use SpaceFM as my file browser.  It mounts the Clip Zip 
> automatically.  But I've also tried mounting it manually from the 
> command line.  So Arch does see it both ways.
> Once it's mounted, I copy the mount/device path and enter it into 
> "Preferences".
>> I am currently using gPodder to sync to my android device via MTP but 
>> I previously used gPodder 2 and gPodder 3 to sync to my Sansa Clip 
>> over USB as a 'mass storage' device. Either way, you'll need to mount 
>> your device first so that Arch can see it, and then set the mount 
>> point in gPodder so that it knows which folder to sync your files to.
> Yes.  This is what I've done.  The option to transfer files to the mp3 
> device never shows up in gPodder3.  Only the "Transfer to Folder" 
> option.  In gPodder2, both of those options were available when I 
> right-clicked on a file in order to transfer it to the clip zip.
>> Sorry this isn't clearer. I need to update the user manual.
>> Let me know if you have any problems and I can help you out.
> As I write this, I realize I haven't tried installing gPodder3 on 
> another computer.  I'll give that a try and report back with the results.
> Thanks for the reply.
> ~krb
Reporting back with the results of installing gPodder3 on my workstation 
running Arch Linux and an XFCE desktop.

Same thing.  :-(

This time I manually mounted the player on "/mnt/clipzip" instead of the 
dynamic mount point in "/run/media/.....".

After that failed, I went further and made an entry in /etc/fstab for 
the player, identified by UUID.  Rebooted the computer, the device 
mounted as defined in /etc/fstab.  Still no "device" option when I 
right-click to tranfer a file to the player.

I did notice one thing that is unusual.

The computer recognizes the device as "/dev/sdb" and not "/dev/sdb1" as 
I would have expected.

Do you think that might have something to do with the problem? Maybe 
reformat the internal memory chip and precisely define a partition on it?



>> Thanks,
>> Joseph
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>> From: Kinney Baughman <baughmankr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>> Sent: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 7:50 AM
>> Subject: [gpodder] Gpodder 3 does not recognize Sansa Clip Zip
>> Greetings,
>> I have SanDisk Clip Zip with Rockbox on it.  I'm running an updated
>> version of Arch Linux.  My desktop environment is LXDE.
>> I have installed gPodder3 several times over the past couple of years
>> but I have abandoned the attempt each time because gPodder3 never
>> recognizes the Clip Zip as a device. gPodder2, not a problem. In
>> gPodder3, the only option I ever get when transferring a podcast is to a
>> "folder".  The "device" option is never offered.
>> I have defined the device in "Preferences" every which kind of way.
>> Has anyone else gotten gPodder3 to recognize a Clip Zip?  There has to
>> be a trick here that I'm missing.
>> Thanks.
>> Kinney


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