[gpodder] Re: Gpodder 3 does not recognize Sansa Clip Zip

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Hi Kinney,

You'll need to mount the Clip Zip so that Arch can see it first. How do you 
connect the device to your computer?

I am currently using gPodder to sync to my android device via MTP but I 
previously used gPodder 2 and gPodder 3 to sync to my Sansa Clip over USB as a 
'mass storage' device. Either way, you'll need to mount your device first so 
that Arch can see it, and then set the mount point in gPodder so that it knows 
which folder to sync your files to.

Sorry this isn't clearer. I need to update the user manual.

Let me know if you have any problems and I can help you out.



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I have SanDisk Clip Zip with Rockbox on it.  I'm running an updated 
version of Arch Linux.  My desktop environment is LXDE.

I have installed gPodder3 several times over the past couple of years 
but I have abandoned the attempt each time because gPodder3 never 
recognizes the Clip Zip as a device. gPodder2, not a problem. In 
gPodder3, the only option I ever get when transferring a podcast is to a 
"folder".  The "device" option is never offered.

I have defined the device in "Preferences" every which kind of way.

Has anyone else gotten gPodder3 to recognize a Clip Zip?  There has to 
be a trick here that I'm missing.



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