[gpodder-devel] Failed to get episode list via web services

  • From: Rakesh.Dhanya at in.bosch.com (Rakesh Dhanya (RBEI/ECV1))
  • Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 14:18:33 +0800


I am a newbie in the gpodder world and am aiming to write my own gpodder 
client. I looked at the web services and they look cool. But I have some 
questions. I am following these steps but am failing to retrieve the episode 
list. Can anyone please spare a while to review my steps and suggest corrections

Steps followed:
1.      Log in and authentication with gpodder
2.      Get the subscription list by using GET 
3.      Get podcast data for each of the subscription list using GET: 
4.      Trying to retrieve the episodes for each podcast using
         GET /api/2/episodes/{username}.json?podcast={url}

However, at step 4 I am getting an empty json content (not empty, but it does 
not have any episode details) for every podcast url. I have subscribed to about 
25 podcasts and when I see using the web browser there are a lot of episodes, 
but through web services I cannot get that list.

Please help out

Thanks and Regards,

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