[gpodder-devel] Contributors: Please check your names (SVN trunk)

  • From: thp at perli.net (Thomas Perl)
  • Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 17:22:07 +0100


While doing some project management - related clean-ups and updates (see
SVN commit #648), I noticed that the AUTHORS file was badly out-of-date.
I therefore decided to remove the AUTHORS file completely and move its
contents (plus all names I got from the news page on the gPodder
website) to src/gpodder/gui.py, namely to the about dialog.

It might have happened that I forgot to add somebody important, so I
want you to have a look at that list (in SVN trunk) and make sure you
are on the list if you think you should be.

If you think you should appear there, please make sure to check if your
name is in the list (or if I just got your first name or nickname, and
you want your full name to appear, also report that). If your name is
not on the list (or if it's spelt wrong, etc..), please mail me
privately (not to the mailing list, as it would only cause unneccesary
noise) and tell me what to change, and I'll make sure your name gets
onto that list :)


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