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A variety of recommendations to make the federal executive branch more open and 
accountable have been posted on the Open Government Dialogue site.  The voting 
(and addition of ideas) is planned to end tomorrow (28 May).
Below are the recommendations that are the results of collaborative efforts of 
public access advocates over the last couple of years.
We are not entirely sure how the votes from this initial process will be used 
in the next phase (discussion) that begins next Wednesday, but your vote might 
make a difference.
Please excuse duplicate postings.
Patrice McDermott, Director 
202.332.OPEN (6736) 
From the National Security Archive
Government-wide Leadership, Implementation, and Enforcement on Transparency  
Require Agencies to Affirmatively Disclose Information to the Public, as 
Mandated by E-FOIA 
Identify Disclosure Priorities Using FOIA Trends 
Implement E-FOIA?s Public Index Requirement to Start Making Sense of the 
Government?s Information Holdings 
Use the Federal Record Act (and the Budget Process) to Implement Effective 
Record Retention Policies 
From the 21st Century Right to Know Report
National Security Transparency (9)
Revise Procedures for Designating Classified Information 
Agencies Should Review Classification Practices 
Replace the CUI Memorandum 
Announce State Secrets Policy 
Prevent Future Abuses of State Secrets Privilege 
Reform State Fusion Centers 
Improve Oversight of Intelligence and National Security Activity 
Restore and Strengthen the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board 
Prohibit Secret Laws, Regulations, Processes 
 Usability of Information (20)
Improve upon the existing e-rulemaking initiative 
Syndicate government information 
A Historical Records Act Should Be Introduced 
Agencies should create websites that use open source software and distribute 
data in open formats that are accessible to all sea 
Review Metadata Standards 
Centralized Digital System for FOIA Requests 
Agencies should minimize use of copyright claims on gov't sponsored materials 
Presidential Task Force on Implementation of Electronic Records Management 
Revise rules to ensure access to original and digital records in 
non-proprietary formats. 
Preservation of electronic records and converted records 
No Agency Business to be Conducted on Non-Agency Email 
Authentication of government documents 
Scientific Freedom & Agency Media Policies 
Scientific Review and Comment on Government Products 
Agency employees are responsible for the accuracy and integrity of their 
Ensure Disclosure of Past Intelligence Activities 
Scientists should not be required to obtain pre-approval from public affairs 
before responding to a media request 
Agency communications policies should also inform employees of their rights 
under the Whistleblower Protection Act and the Lloyd 
Official agency communications policy should be publicly available on the 
agency's website 
Ensure that guidelines for the free flow of scientific information are 
implemented in a comprehensive manner. 
Government Environment for Transparency (12)
Affirmative Obligation to Disclose 
Provide Adequate Funding and Resources for FOIA offices and E-Government 
Direct the OMB to identify the public?s transparency rights and require 
agencies to post these rights in government offices 
Provide Incentives to Promote Disclosure 
New Directives to Protect Whisleblowers from Punishment 
Create an Office of Transparency 
Establish A Transparency Officer at Each Agency 
Create Institutions to Evaluate Agency Transparency 
Make documents produced by government contractors in their role as gov't 
surrogates subject to FOIA 
Establish Training on Transparency Requirements 
Encourage Legislation to Enforce Transparency 
Use existing library networks to implement increased transparency and promotion 
of greater use of information 
From Recommendations on E-Records Management Developed by OpenTheGovernment.org 
and Others
Ensure cost of records mgmt is built into agency technology purchases 
Convene techology companies 
CIO/CTO panel to establish baseline & set benchmarks 
CIO/CTO responsibility for records management 

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