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- Democrats See a ‘Document Gap’ in Dismissals   
- CRS Clamps Down on Public Distribution                         

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By Eric Lipton and David Johnston
March 22, 2007

WASHINGTON, March 21 — The dismissal of eight United States attorneys has 
elicited a long and ever-growing list of theories by Democrats on Capitol Hill 
about ulterior motives and suspicious coincidences. Now there is a new one: the 
document gap. Democrats on Capitol Hill were privately urging reporters on 
Wednesday to press the Bush administration to explain why in the thousands of 
pages of e-mail messages and documents turned over to investigators, there is 
almost nothing from Nov. 16 to Dec. 7, the day seven of the firings occurred. 
In contrast, there are hundreds of pages from the weeks after the dismissals. 
more [NYT]


- CRS Clamps Down on Public Distribution
Secrecy News
March 22, 2007

In what is being characterized by subordinates as an act of "managerial 
dementia," the Director of the Congressional Research Service this week 
prohibited all public distribution of CRS products without prior approval from 
senior agency officials.
"I have concluded that prior approval should now be required at the division or 
office level before products are distributed to members of the public," wrote 
CRS Director Daniel P. Mullohan in a memo to all CRS staff. "This policy is 
effective immediately."
While CRS has long refused (with Congressional concurrence) to make its 
electronic database of reports available to the public online, it has still 
been possible for members of the press, other researchers, and other government 
officials to request specific reports from the congressional support agency.
But now, "to avoid inconsistencies and to increase accountability, CRS policy 
requires prior approval at the division level before products can be 
disseminated to non-congressionals," Director Mullohan wrote. more and 
“INFORMATION SHARING;You'd Know if You Were Congressional” [WPost]

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