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  • Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 14:32:57 -0400

o     GAO: (DHS) Critical Infrastructure Protection Cost-Benefit Report
o     Phase III Extended: Open Government Update

Patrice McDermott, Director
1742 Connecticut Ave NW, 3rd floor
Washington, DC 20009
202.332.OPEN (6736)

GAO Report: The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Critical Infrastructure 
Protection Cost-Benefit Report. GAO-09-654R, June 26  

Open Government Directive Phase III Extended: Open Government Update (The Open 
Government   Team)

As of Friday morning, June   26th, there are well over 100 drafts of open 
government recommendations that the   public has written in Phase III of the 
public consultation process.  The community of contributors grows by   the 
hour, as word of this collaborative effort spreads.  


A number of you have told us   that there is great excitement about the 
drafting process in your communities,   but that it has taken time to raise 
awareness about this important effort.  We've heard you and have decided to   
extend the time period for drafting and voting.  


Drafting of recommendations   will now continue through 11:59pm Eastern Friday, 
July 3rd.  Voting will stay open through the   holiday weekend, until 5pm 
Eastern Monday, July 6th.  


Spread the word and join the   movement to help make government more 
transparent, participatory, and   collaborative.  Write, read, and   rate 
recommendations at http://www.mixedink.com/opengov/.


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