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From today?s news postings on OpenTheGovernment.org
Patrice McDermott, Director 
202.332.OPEN (6736) 
Bush to Give Documents on Firings to Obama Administration
[CQ, January 12, 2009; subscription req'd] 
44 to reverse 43's executive orders 
[Politico, January 12, 2009] 
All the President's IMs: Are Federal Record-keeping Laws Out of Step With 
Modern Communications?
[FindLaw, January 12, 2009] 
FOIA Facts: New FOIA Provisions Take Effect
[LLRX.com, January 12, 2009] 
Voting for Glass Houses
[Columbia Journalism Review, January 12, 2009] 
ISOO Releases FY 2008 Annual Report to the President
[Information Security Oversight Office, 1.13.09] 
Historians in Handcuffs
[The Nation, 1.12.09] 
Issa announces GOP staff for House government reform panel
[Government Executive, 1.12.09] 
A New Feature: Introducing the Promises Clock
[ProPublica, 1.12.09] 
FDIC to bailout banks: So where's the money going? 
[Financial Week, January 12, 2009] 
Amex's TARP mystery...
[footnoted.org, January 12, 2009] 
Who's Running TARP? You Might Not Wanna Know
[TPMMuckraker, January 12, 2009] 
Asking for TARP Funds Takes Only 27 Minutes
[Mother Jones, January 9, 2009] 
Obama Team's Request for Bailout Money Short on Specifics
[ProPublica, January 12, 2009] 

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