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Patrice McDermott, Director
202.332.OPEN (6736)
- Hack, Mash & Peer: Crowdsourcing Government Transparency
Jerry Brito
October 21, 2007

In order to hold government accountable for its actions, citizens must know 
what those actions are. To that end, they must insist that government act 
openly and transparently to the greatest extent possible. In the Twenty- First 
Century, this entails making its data available online and easy to access. If 
government data is made available online in useful and flexible formats, 
citizens will be able to utilize modern Internet tools to shed light on 
government activities. Such tools include mashups, which highlight hidden 
connections between different data sets, and crowdsourcing, which makes light 
work of sifting through mountains of data by focusing thousands of eyes on a 
particular set of data.    [George Mason University - Mercatus Center - 
Regulatory Studies Program]

Links:  Document download [SSRN - 508K, pdf]
        For examples of how this works in practice - mysociety.org


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