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- Bloggers take issue with Interior ban
- Federal contractors for IT management services responsible for many of the 
data breaches

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BY Wade-Hahn Chan
Published on Oct. 17, 2006
In an effort to tighten security at the Interior Department, W. Hord Tipton, 
Interior's chief information officer, declared a number of Web sites verboten. 
Some of the million-plus banned sites include old standbys of Internet 
debauchery: gambling, shopping, pornography and dating.

However, Interior's crosshairs now sit on a new Web target: blogs, which the 
department has banned.
Interior banned blogs mostly because of fears of information leaks and the 
inability to know who is writing a particular blog.

"Blogs just scare the pants off me, particularly when Interior people want to 
launch blogs and take ownership of those types of things." Tipton said. "We 
don't allow people to go to blogs unless we know where they are, who they are 
and what have you."

But bloggers are fighting back. The ban caused "the biggest firestorm that I've 
seen in four years," Tipton said today at a breakfast event of the Bethesda, 
Md., chapter of AFCEA International.
To protest, one blogger created an Interior logo with barbed wire crisscrossing 
the department's iconic buffalo emblem and a large gold ribbon with "BANNED!" 
emblazoned on it.


10/13/06 -- 03:48 PM
By Mary Mosquera,
Federal contractors that agencies rely on for IT management services are 
responsible for many of the data breaches that agencies reported to the House 
Government Reform Committee, which today released its findings on past data 
loss across government.

That is just one of the conclusions from the committee staff report 
 ), which also found that data loss occurs in all major agencies, and that 
those agencies don't always know what was lost.

Following a flood of data breaches earlier this year, committee chairman Tom 
Davis (R-Va.) sought a summary from major agencies about past data losses over 
the past three years.



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