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Patrice McDermott, Director
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- FBI to automate wiretap database
By Wilson P. Dizard III

The FBI is working to build an automated system to track its National Security 
Letter wiretap cases in a bid to eliminate cumbersome and error-prone manual 
entry of data about the eavesdropping projects. The bureau currently relies on 
Microsoft Access software to track wiretap requests in the Office of General 
Counsel (OGC) database.    FBI deputy director John Pistole told the House 
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence earlier this year that although "the 
OGC database was a giant technological step forward from three-by-five index 
cards once used to track NSLs, it is not an acceptable system given the 
significant increase in use of NSLs since 9/11."  The new NSL database 
management system is due to roll out Dec. 31. more [Govt Computer News]

- DOJ cuts off Guantanamo lawyer access after federal court ruling
Jeannie Shawl
September 23, 2007

[JURIST] A US Department of Justice lawyer has informed lawyers representing 
some 40 detainees at Guantanamo Bay [JURIST report] that they will no longer be 
able to visit with or send written communications to their clients. DOJ lawyer 
Andrew I. Warden sent an e-mail to the detainees' counsel Friday, referencing a 
court ruling [CCR press release] issued by US District Judge Ricardo Urbina 
last week. Urbina dismissed 16 habeas corpus challenges brought on behalf of at 
least 40 detainees and in doing so also rendered invalid protocols that had 
been established governing lawyers' access to detainees. more [AP via Jurist]


- H-FedHist -- New addition to the H-Net family

H-FedHist promotes the study and discussion of promote study and broad 
understanding of the history of the United States Federal Government by 
scholars, teachers, researchers, and other interested parties H-FedHist also 
supports the exchange of ideas and information between scholars on related 
H-Net networks. Finally, H-FedHist disseminates information about
its sponsoring organizaton, the Society for History in the Federal Government 
(SHFG), to both SHFG members and non-members. It is a network developed in 
conjunction with the SHFG although it is open for all to join. more

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