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Please sign on ALA - and thanks for including us.
Lynne Bradley, Director
ALA Office of Government Relations


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I apologize for the short notice on this (the deadline is 6pm today).
Please send sign-ons to Emily Feldman (efeldman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
with the name of your organization.

Individuals who wish to send a letter, please go to
http://ga6.org/openthegovernment/home.html and select "Support Senate
Electronic Disclosure."  There are 2 letters to chose from and you are
free to cut & paste and personalize a letter.


Patrice McDermott, Director
1742 Connecticut Ave NW, 3rd floor
Washington, DC 20009
202.332.OPEN (6736)


        Below is a sign on letter in support of S. 223, Senate Campaign
Disclosure Parity Act, to require Senators to file campaign finance
reports electronically. 


        The letter will be sent to Sen. McConnell and Sen. Stevens who
have both raised objections to this proposal in the past. If you would
like to sign on, please email me (efeldman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) the
name of your organization by 6pm EDT Wednesday, April 11 


        Emily Feldman

        Program Associate

        1742 Connecticut Ave NW, 3rd Floor

        Washington, DC 20009

        (202) 332-OPEN (6736)


        Sign up for our email list!




        United States Senate
        Washington, D.C. 
        Dear Senator,


        The undersigned organizations, partners of
OpenTheGovernment.org, are writing to you to ask you to support S.223,
the "Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act." Earlier this year, a
broadly bipartisan group of 34 Senators reintroduced legislation (S. 223
in the 110th Congress and S. 1508 in the 109th) to require Senators to
file their campaign finance reports electronically. 


        On March 28, 2007, the Senate Rules Committee, by unanimous
voice vote, passed S. 223, providing for electronic disclosure of
campaign finance reports by Senate candidates and party committees. 


        Sen. Feingold is said to be planning to offer the bill on the
Senate floor.  I urge you to support the bill as it stands without
amendment when he does so. 


        Currently, all federal candidates, party committees and federal
PACs are required to file their campaign finance disclosure reports
electronically - with the sole exception of Senate candidates who are
still filing paper reports. This exception for Senate candidates has no
rational basis, makes no sense and is not defensible.


        The voters in every House race, however, had electronic filings
available within 48 hours.  There no justifiable reason for Senate
disclosure not to be as good as the House's.


        This proposal - unlike any of the others involving campaign
finance - has no stated opposition.  The breadth of the co-sponsors
speaks volumes.  The Federal Election Commission supports it.  The
Washington Post and New York Times have editorialized for it.  Blogs on
the left and right also came out in its favor last year, including Daily
Kos, RedState, Huffington Post, Club for Growth, and many more. 


        The reason for this nearly universal support is simple:
electronic filing would impose NO new disclosure requirements at all on
the Senate.  It would only change the manner of filing.  Nor would it
require Senate committees to change anything about how they now keep
their records; Senate campaigns keep their contribution records
electronically anyway.  


        In the name of transparency and accountability, we urge you to
support the contents of S.223 without amendment.  


        Please contact Patrice McDermott, Director of
OpenTheGovernment.org, at (202) 332-6736 if you have any questions or
wish to discuss this matter.






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