[govinfo] FW: Seeking Nominations for OMB Watch's Public Interest Awards

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Every day, we see rising stars and heroes in the public interest community. 
Unfortunately, all too often these champions are never recognized.
Let's change that. Help us honor them as part of OMB Watch's 25th Anniversary 
celebration. Nominate advocates who should be celebrated.
Let's recognize the people...
who have been working to reduce poverty and inequality
who have been fierce advocates for addressing climate change and other 
environmental crises
who have fought for better health care and education
who have put their heart and soul on the line to stop discrimination, unfair 
labor practices, and attacks on civil liberties
who have pushed to bring accountability to government through greater 
transparency and other means
Please nominate extraordinary people for either of the two OMB Watch awards: a 
Rising Star Award or an award to be inducted into the Public Interest Hall of 
Fame. The Rising Star Award is for those people 40 and younger who will help 
lead the public interest community during the next 25 years. The Public 
Interest Hall of Fame is for anyone of any age.
Let's celebrate those who put forth amazing effort to advance the common good.
Learn more about the awards and submit your nomination today. The final 
deadline is April 23.
Awards will be presented on September 17 at OMB Watch's 25th Anniversary 
celebration event in Washington, DC. Travel expenses for winners will be 
Please help circulate information about these awards. Thanks.

Gary D. Bass
Executive Director

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