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  • Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 13:53:28 -0500

Dear Colleagues,


I hope that the New Year has started off well for you and that your work 
continues to thrive.  As you may recall, in response to one of the action 
points in the recent Atlanta Declaration and Plan of Action for the Advancement 
of the Right of Access to Information, the Carter Center is hosting an 
International Access to Information and Transparency Events Calendar 
(www.cartercenter.org/accesstoinformation.html). The calendar posts information 
on a wide range of conferences and workshops being held around the world, and 
serves as a central point to share your activities and learn of other 
organizations' events. 


We have received many positive responses to our requests for permission to post 
events, and are increasingly receiving submissions from colleagues regarding 
upcoming events.  To ensure that the calendar remains comprehensive and useful, 
please remember to send information about your future conferences or workshops 
to ati.cartercenter@xxxxxxxxxx  We also can post links regarding past relevant 
events. Attached please find a submission form for your convenience.


As we are constantly updating the calendar, please check the Carter Center 
Access to Information Project website regularly for information about ongoing 
transparency-related events in different regions and around the world. 

Thank you in advance for helping to make the international calendar a success.


All my best,


Laura Neuman 

Access to Information Project Manager

Associate Director

The Carter Center

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