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Dear Colleagues, Newsletter and Website Editors and Listserve Managers:

Re: International Access to Information and Transparency Calendar of Events

In furtherance of the Atlanta Declaration and Action Plan for the Advancement 
of the Right of Access to Information and its call for the access to 
information community "to build solidarity with a full range of stakeholders 
who share a common transparency agenda," the Carter Center's Access to 
Information Project has launched a calendar of events, including conferences, 
workshops, summits, retreats, and training sessions from all over the world 
pertaining to access to information (ATI) and transparency.  The goal of this 
calendar is to enhance cooperation and coordination, benefit from the important 
work already being done in the field through sharing of materials and 
methodologies, and allow organizations to better promote and share their work.  
The International Access to Information and Transparency Calendar of Events 
will be hosted on our website at www.cartercenter.org/accesstoinformation.html.


The calendar will compile relevant events from all stakeholder groups on issues 
related to ATI and transparency.  It is our hope that this website will not 
only list the events, but also include links to materials, agendas, and final 
reports from upcoming and recent events.   


In order to keep the calendar as current and comprehensive as possible, we will 
need your support.  Please send us information on any events that you are 
planning, at least 20 days in advance of the activity, as well as permission to 
link to your website.  We also would appreciate if you would share the 
establishment of the calendar with any other listerserves or organizations with 
which you are familiar so as to expand its content and reach.  IPlease let us 
know if you are need of any additional information in order to post this notice 
in your newlsetters or e-mail blasts. 


The attached form will assist in posting your event.  Please send the completed 
form to ati.cartercenter@xxxxxxxxxx  If you have any specific questions or 
concerns, please feel free to contact me at lneuman@xxxxxxxxxx       



Laura Neuman

Access to Information Project Manager

Associate Director, Americas Program

The Carter Center 


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