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Hi, Mike,


Sorry I could not reply sooner.  I am traveling a lot these days.  On my way
to CSUN now.


Yes, you are correct.  Lime has a sequencer but it currently only records
one part at a time.  If you compose on the fly, as I myself often do, SONAR
is a better environment for that kind of writing.  


You can export from SONAR to a MIDI file and then import that MIDI file into
Lime.  However, Lime's MIDI import is not simple enough.  I have asked
Lime's developer to improve but so far, no change.


Meanwhile, it would be really helpful if the people from cakewalk would
allow OSNRA to export to MusicXML.  Lime's MusicXML import feature is far
simpler and better than its MIDI import.




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Hi Bill,


First, I trust this message finds you well.


I've got a question: Do I understand that when you're using a midi keyboard
to input notes into Lime that you only hear the voice you're working on when
you're recording? That's sort of a problem for me as my brain doesn't think
one line at a time when I'm composing, especially when I'm doing a piano or
organ piece. What I might end up doing is laying it all out in Sonar, then
import each voice into Lime as I know that you can't record multiple voices
at once in Lime - unless there's something that I'm not aware of.


Take care.








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In any Lime file that has more than one part or voice, you can assign each
part or voice to a different MIDI channel.  Once each voice is assigned to
its own MIDI channel, you can use Lime's General MIDI annotations to trigger
a different instrument sound for that part or voice.


Move to first note or rest of the piece.


For each part or voice:


Press ALT+V, C to open the Voice to Channel dialog.  Enter a number from 1
to 16 and press ENTER.


Now press ALT+A, X, I and tab until you reach the list of instrument
categories.  Choose one and then tab to the list of instruments in that
category.  Choose one and press ENTER.



Bill McCann
Founder and President of Dancing Dots since 1992
Tel: [001] 610-783-6692

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