[goodfeel] Re: breaking apart joined staves

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  • Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 20:18:44 GMT


To prevent this problem in the first place you should make the bar that is to 
the left of the first system horizontal.  You can also perform this same action 
by selecting 'One voice in stave' in SharpEye's Simple Editing dialog which is 
accessible from SharpEye's View menu.

If you already did too much editing in Lime you could:
- Create a new part (Parts and Voices dialog, New Part).
- Copy the notes from one of the voices of the old part and paste them into the 
new part (Use Edit | Copy Measures).
- Delete all the notes and annotations from the old voice that you copied the 
notes from.  It might actually be easiest to create yet another part and copy 
it (all emtpy) into the voice and then delete the empty part.  
- Stop the voice that you copied the notes from and deleted everything from 
(Select the first note or rest and then use the Parts and Voices dialog).


--- Patrick wrote ---

I am scanning in some studies by David Popper for the Violoncello.  Popper 
wrote these pieces as duets, one part to be performed by the student, the other 
by the instructor.  Lime seems to have this notion that two staves are a single 
part, as if it were intended for a piano.  I want to separate the two parts and 
give them different names, but Lime will no let me.  If I name the top staff 
"Student" the second staff is called "Student 2."  If I go down to staff 2, and 
remane it "Instructor," the first stadd is suddenly renamed "Instructor 1."

I want to separte these parts and emboss only the student part.


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