[goodfeel] Re: How to delete doubling of parts?

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  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 18:09:38 GMT


To get rid of those voices:
- First make a backup of your file in case you make a mistake.
- Delete everything in the unused voices (see below).
- Go to the first note or rest, put the voices together with their previous 
voices and then Stop the voice.

It might be easiest to delete everything in a voice by:
- going to the first note or rest of the piece,
- making a New Part using the Parts and Voices dialog,
- copying every measure from the new part using Edit | Copy Measures (specify 
500 measures to get everything),
- selecting the first note or rest of the part you want to clear out and 
pasting the blank copied measures,
- Deleting the new part

Did you reinstall Lime Aloud (and GOODFEEL) after installing your new version 
of JAWS?  This may be necessary to get the scripts in place for the new version 
of JAWS.  I'm not sure how the JAWS merge works with our scripts.


--- Angela wrote ---
Hi Bill.

Thanks very much for clarifying this; I think I’ve figured it out now, although 
I’m not sure how to delete those unwanted blank doubled parts in my already 
saved scores, without deleting that part of the same I want, if that makes 
sense! So this is what I have at the moment:

Fl1, treble clef

Fl2-1, treble clef

Fl2-2, treble clef

Fl3-1, treble clef

Fl3-2, treble clef

So it is the second underneath part, labled always as “2”, I need to delete. 

Another thing I have noticed since upgrading from Jaws 9 to Jaws 11, is, the F5 
function no longer provides me with the short cut to a bar number. Is there a 
way I can reset this?

Many thanks,

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