[goodfeel] Re: Braille display not displaying music.

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Dear Angela,
I presume that your braille display is showing braille for other
applications such as your desktop or MS Word.  
If you have not restarted your computer since installing GOODFEEL and Lime,
do so.
If you are running under Vista or Windows7, disable User Account Control
Set your display theme to "Classic".
If you are running under Windows7, contact me at my info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
address and we will send you a test build.  We do not yet officially support
Windows7 although the only remaining issues relate to using JAWS with Lime.
Everything else works just fine as far as I know.
Close all programs and go to Start | Programs | Lime | Accessibility Options
and make certain that the Braille Window check box is ticked.
BTW, if you press ALT+TAB and move to Lime's Braille Window, do you see
braille there?


Bill McCann
Founder and President of Dancing Dots since 1992
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As a relatively new user of the Braille display, I am hoping someone is able
to help:


I understand a Braille display has the copasity of displaying music in
Braille through lime. My display isn't showing any form of music when in
lime; is there a way I can correct this, and if so, how please?


Many thanks,




Angela Purll

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