[gnulinuxinasia] Highlights advances of Mobile Linux industry

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Highlights advances of Mobile Linux industry
Submitted by harminka on Tue, 2007-08-07 15:17.
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Trolltech, a provider of leading technologies that make advanced
software faster to build and easier to use, is co-hosting the "Linux
Mobile Communications Conference 2007 – From Asia to Globalization",
which will be held on August 28 in Beijing.

This exclusive conference, supported by Trolltech and organized by the
China Academy of Telecommunications Research (CATR) and the Ministry
of Information Industry (MII), is another distinguished gathering of
industry experts focusing on Linux mobile communications following the
success of "Chinese Mobile Phone Leadership 2005-Leveraging Linux"

The ground-breaking one-day conference will bring together over 200
key stakeholders from China and abroad from the mobile communication
markets, including officials, academics, company executives, and
industry analysts. The discussion will focus on Linux mobile
communication's development and the strategic importance of mobile
platforms based on Linux to China and Asia. The conference captures
the interest of global industry leaders like Wind River, MontaVista,
Sun Microsystems, Arphic, Flander, Fujistu BSC, Jaatayu, Staikos,
TapRoots, VirtualLogix, WSI,and many others. Trolltech and its
sponsors will showcase and highlight the pre-eminence of Linux mobile
communications with presentations and product demonstrations.

Over the past two years, China's mobile communications market has
attracted the attention of the industry's major leaders from around
the world. The flexibility and cost benefits of the Linux operating
system have contributed to its widespread adoption as a platform for
mobile devices, as well as its rapidly increasing market share in
China. The application development of mobile communications is on the
road to success in the Chinese market, all the while relying on Linux
operating systems. After two years since the landmark 2005 conference,
Linux's force in the rapidly developing mobile industry is
congregating again in Beijing for "From Asia to

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