[gnulinuxinasia] GNU/Linux PCs selling well in Malaysia

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Subject: Linux PC's selling well in Malaysia

PC Gemilang: Linux outsells Windows

PETALING JAYA: The sale of Linux-based PCs under the PC Gemilang
project is a roaring success, according to the Association of the
Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (Pikom). 

Ten thousand PC Gemilang units were sold in the first few months
following the brand's debut, of which more than 7,000 were Linux-based
machines. Pikom said the Linux PC generated the highest demand due to
its attractive price. 

The PC Gemilang project was kicked off in March with two models: A
RM988 PC running a Linux-based operating system and bundled with the
OpenOffice productivity suite; and a RM1,147 desktop with the Bahasa
Malaysia version of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and
Works Suite 2004. 

Both PCs are powered by Intel's Celeron 1.7GHz processor and have
128MB RAM, 40GB hard disk, 56Kbps modem, CD-ROM player, floppy disk
drive, 15in monitor, and 30 hours of complimentary dialup Internet
access via TM Net. 

A third Windows-based model, offered at RM1,198 and bundled with
Bestari Ed Smart School courseware, was launched a few weeks later
while a fourth model bundled with a Canon inkjet printer was
introduced in April.  

Pikom deputy chairman Lee Boon Kok said the low-cost PC project posted
a total turnover of more than RM10mil throughout its promotion period,
from March 15 to April 30. 

He also said the programme has given a boost to the local PC industry,
in addition to enhancing vendor awareness on the need for low-cost PCs
in this country. 

"This project is a successful milestone in generating interest in the
industry on the importance of (providing) low-cost PCs in the local
market," Lee said, adding that feedback from several PC retailers
showed that the introduction of PC Gemilang has also created more
demand for other PC brands. 

He said the project would have been even better received if there was
greater outreach to the suburban markets. 

The PC Gemilang project is a Pikom initiative supported by the Energy,
Water and Communications Ministry. 


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