[gnulinuxinasia] CodeFest held in South Korea

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Soon-Son Kwon <kss at kldp.org> informs that Korea successfully held its third 
CodeFest last weekend. Some 40-50 people gathered and "shared their knowledge, 
code, effort, time..."

Japanese (or non-Korean) friends who happened to be in Korea just then and took 
part included Yutaka Niibe, Roger Seo and Hideki Hiura.

See pictures of the event at http://gallery.kldp.org

Says Soon-Son "Shawn" Kwon: "I hope more countries can support this kind of 
event for their local geeks." Kwon is a key campaigner in the Korean 
localisation project. To know more about him, go to http://kldp.org/~kss
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