[gnulab-mesce] report of the last GnuLab Meeting

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  • Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 01:05:31 +0530

hi ALL,
we had a nice meeting  last time i.e. on 12/03/08 between,during the lunch
Raju sir,and Raghesh sir were also there.and number of students counted
around ten!;-)(with the programme decided just two days before...there is
progress :) )
We had some introduction about GNULab at first and had a short account of
the projects under discussion.

    Raju sir,suggested of preparing an exhibition with first year
students,by making each team of students from first year explaining a
particular existing software/project.Such an expo will not only show the
power of GNU and free software but also will be an experience for the first
year students as they know more about the projects they take.It will also
provide before the students the possible choices they can select to build
their career on,based on their skills and likes..
    A workshop on basic installation+usage of GNU was also suggested as an
activity.Idea is to give students,a hands on workshop on installing and
using any one of the gnu distributions.I think we can do such workshops in
every departments, as soon as s4,and s6 return after the exams.

(Mahesh was suggesting about a custom debian distribution for our college as
one of our activity,if we can come up with such a cd by the time we do these
workshops,that will have more impact,and we can even try to sell  such
custom cds on a reasonable price,just to meet the cost of production...being
that as a short term goal,if u guys are really on building a distro,we can
try making it a big thing later..joining with the gnewsense team or so..(who
cant dream?! like ututo we can have just ttotto[representing the frequent
sound in college?!](just joke...no offense) ) )

GSOC is on the door steps..so we practically dont have any time to do any
organised preperations under the gnulab for this time,But we have been
discussing about GSOC and majority of projects under gnulab are aiming for
this upcoming GSOC (ALL THE VERY BEST TO THEM:) )
There is also other competitions/scholarships for free software
projects,which can be easily accured with sufficient preperations..we can
have organised preperations under the gnulab for such competitions
like,fossdev at fossmeet.in ,sarai. ...etc.

   need for getting more time,and more access to the labs was also stressed
in the meeting.Students are dreaming of hacking in the lab over night,like
in the iits!;-) let try to make those dreams materialize....

   one more thing we can do is to add as many people as we can, to these
mailing lists,so every interested student can be in touch.. and making them
active in the discussions...i personally do believe in internet as a good
medium of communication even for us college mates..

As you can see above,the meeting addressed many issues,and was a great
success.We had a great start for gnulab so far and lets continue with our
work.Heard that Mestech is fixed by june mid or so.Then there is enough time
for us to present our achievements,instead of plans at mestech.so aim for
that  and start hacking...

happy hacking

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